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From Matt Weidner to Lisa Epstein – Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) May Find Themselves Like The Law Offices Of David J. Stern…A Company To Stay Away From!

March 31, 2011

DISCLAIMER: THE CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT TO BE MISCONSTRUED AS LEGAL ADVICE! Anthony Martinez is a Discovery Expert.  Neither Anthony Martinez nor his firm AMA engage in the practice of law and only work in conjunction with licensed practicing attorneys.  AMA will provide public information only and will not provide any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation to a consumer about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies.

First let’s all have a BIG round of applause for Matt Weidner and Lisa Epstein for the GREAT work they do helping the people across this great land of the people! YEAH BABYYYYYYYY!  Now let’s give a second BIG round of applause to Neil Garfield of Living Lies and all the other GREAT advocates with blogs that we’ve all looked to for greater insight on how to fight the fight and give us hope! YEAHHHHH BABYYYYYYY!!!  And last but not least let’s give a VERY SPECIAL standing ovation and round of applause to all the lawyers who get paid nickels in comparison to what they should for representing families and the homeowners who go into battle unknowingly to protect their families and dreams on their own… this post is FOR YOU!  YEAHHHHHH BABYYYYY!

To all of you… …YOU ARE NOT ALONE and the moment you do feel alone it’s post’s like Lisa’s and Matt’s telling you they’re being attacked too that let us know we’re not alone.  ANYONE who is trying to help people in this uphill battle WILL BE ATTACKED!  Whether it be from companies like NTC, the Florida Bar, the Attorney General’s Office or foreclosure Mills like David J. Stern, an attempt to silence you will be made.  What we have seen in this foreclosure crisis is simple.  Corporate America truly believes they are bigger than the Constitution of the United States.  As a people we are finding it very difficult to have our own government protect us because unfortunately throughout the years they have played a major role in shredding the Constitution at the payment of large Corporate America.  Regardless to how successful they may have all been in executing their agenda’s by sacrificing the people, I would remind everyone of the decision made to fight for our independence from the British.  The mindset, the will power of the overall realization of a dream that we will no longer allow.  We will no longer allow is a strong feeling and view.  When we decided then that we would no longer allow, we stood up and fought.  We became the United States of America!  When we decided we will no longer allow, we brought an end to segregation.  When we decided we will no longer allow, we changed American voting.  The list is extensive when we the people decide… …we will no longer allow.


When people, government officials or corporations come into the people’s cross-hairs and a decision is made that we will no longer allow, YOU ARE DONE!  I will let history remind you that the proof of that statement is in the pudding.  To all the powers that be:

If you are emotional and acting on emotion DON’T!  Whoever is advising you to suppress freedom of speech as a means to strengthen your position has you ill advised…FIRE THEM!  Do not confuse what you do to turn a profit with being morally correct and sound.  This foreclosure crisis has been a direct attack against the American people on American soil for monetary gain.  American’s (as you can see) are starting to stand up and say “We will no longer allow!”  If you’ve learned anything from what has transpired with the Law Office of David J. Stern, it should be that when YOU get enough negative publicity in the American Press, no one will want to do business or associate themselves with YOU.  For NTC, your efforts are misplaced.  Attacking those who are advocates of the PEOPLE like Matt Weidner and Lisa Epstein makes you look bad.  The robo-signer negative publicity has had its impact but you were better off cleaning up that mess by re-assigning people and assuring the AMERICAN PEOPLE that you will take steps and measures to ensure NO robo-signing exist.  It would be better to agree with the people and show a positive support for the people rather than giving them the finger and hiring attorney’s to attack their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to voice their opinion.  Truth be told, the American people don’t care about NTC or Stern or any other company.  They care about their family and friends and do business with those who will further their needs.  Your moves will only cause greater NEGATIVE PUBLICITY toward you which in turn, will cause YOUR CLIENTS to worry about their reputations and business if they associate and do business with YOU!  You don’t believe me?  Watch and learn how this Litigation Consultant gave you free insight that either saved or destroyed your business.

Remove the legal theories and millions of dollars for a second and realize that millions of people have lost their homes or are losing them.  Children are losing their bedrooms and beds.  They are losing their sense of home and safety.  There are many arguments to be made and I have no doubt many people sleep just fine at night.  But again, if you can remove the legal theories and millions of dollars of profit out of the equation for a minute and just realize that family dreams and children’s futures have been compromised, you will see more clearly why your business line is more part of the problem and less part of the solution.  Children are hurting and are homeless.  Parents are failing.  The American Dream is crushed and at a record-breaking all time low.  If you can realize that for a second by looking into the eyes of your children and imagining it was your kids, you’d move differently.  You would have a different perspective.

Companies like NTC, MERS, banks, servicer companies and Wall Street all around have an opportunity to say you know what, we’ve made enough money let’s stop the bleeding.  The government has the opportunity to come together with these companies and say listen, we are going to give all homestead homeowners a $250,000 forgiveness on their property.  Those whose homes are more than that receive a principal reduction of $250,000 and get a permanent modification at the new rate…PERIOD!  No fill out a hundred forms 15 times.  Those whose properties are less than $250,000 own their property free and clear.  You have to know the first thing they will do is run to the bank to re-finance.  Now you have a completely new Wall Street business BOOM!  See, problem solved in 5 lines or less!  And yes I’m being a bit flip about it only because some things should not be so hard.  Because truth be told both Corporate America and the Government are running out of time.  Soon the American people will stand up and say to YOU ALL…



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  1. Virani Legal permalink
    March 31, 2011 9:41 am

    EXCELLENT!!!!! Thank you Anthony for this great article.

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